Five Reasons To Install a Wall-Mounted Mini Split Air Conditioner

Published by Parisa Ostovari


When it’s time to go shopping for an air conditioner, there are many options available. But if the space you’re looking to cool doesn’t have ductwork, your choices are limited.

There are several situations where your home, or certain areas of your home, may not have ductwork:

  • You have an older home that was not built with central air conditioning in mind.

  • You’ve converted your garage into a living area.

  • You’ve added a sunroom to your home.

  • You finally built that tiny-home guest house or she-shed in the backyard.

In order to cool a living space without ductwork, you have two main options:

  • Install a window unit in each room that needs air conditioning.

  • Install a wall mounted mini split.

A mini split system has an air conditioner that mounts to your wall and is connected to a condenser outside. Multiple air conditioners can be installed throughout a home as part of a single wall mounted mini split system.

If you’re only looking at the upfront price tag, a window unit may look like it’s the best route, but I’m going to explain why a ductless mini split may be the best option.

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Benefits of Wall-Mounted Air Conditioners for Residential HVAC Systems

There are five primary benefits to installing a ductless mini split instead of a window air conditioner.

More Efficiency

It’s true that in most cases, wall-mounted air conditioners have a higher upfront cost. However, some mini split systems use 40% less energy than the average window unit, resulting in lower monthly utility costs and long-term savings.

More Control

With mini splits, you have more control over each zone of your house. If you spend your day working in your home office and don’t spend much time in the living room, you can keep the temperature higher out there and conserve energy. Many mini split systems are connected to Wi-Fi so you can control all your systems from one device.

Ability To Keep Using Your Window

A window unit has long been the go-to for those without air ducts who are in need of home cooling solutions. But this unit ties up your window all summer long. You won’t be able to look through it as easily or open it for a bit of fresh air on a mild day. Using a wall-mounted system has a safety component as well, since window units can be easily pushed inside by intruders.

Option To Keep It in Place Through the Winter

It is best to bring a window air conditioner inside when it gets cold to make sure it stays in good shape. A wall-mounted unit is a permanent installation that doesn’t need to be taken down for the winter. Some mini splits are designed to provide heating and cooling and can be used all year.

A Better Seal

Window units often don’t provide an airtight seal, allowing warm air to enter the home. This reduces the unit’s efficiency because it will have to work overtime. A wall-mounted air conditioner, when installed correctly, has a much better chance of maintaining an airtight seal.

Optimize Comfort With a Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner

At Bell Brothers, we sell, install, and service high-quality Carrier® ductless mini splits that can be mounted on your wall. The type and size you purchase will depend on the size of the space you’re trying to cool. We can help you select the best system for your home and make sure that every room is set for optimal comfort and efficiency.