Why You Should Install a Ductless Split as Your Second-Floor Air Conditioning Unit

Published by Parisa Ostovari

The summer heat is on its way. If you live in an older home, or your home has a second floor or addition without duct work, keeping those rooms cool may be a tall task for your air conditioning unit.

To help cool the second floor, one solution homeowners turn to is to install a window unit. A window unit will help keep your bedroom cool but keeping multiple rooms or large areas cool can be difficult and inefficient.

If you’re looking for a more efficient way to keep multiple rooms on your second floor cool during the summer, you should consider having a ductless split (or mini split) system installed in your home. A ductless split includes an outdoor compressor that is connected by refrigerant tubing and electrical wiring to up to five wall-mounted indoor units, so you can customize the temperature in multiple rooms throughout your home.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of a ductless split system so you can decide if one is right for your home.

Top 3 Benefits of a Ductless Split System

1. Easy Installation

A ductless split system is among the easiest and most versatile systems to install in your home. All that is required is a small hole in the wall for the wiring and refrigerant line. No additional duct work is needed.

2. Easy Customization and Versatility

Ductless splits can contain one unit, or up to five units connected to a single outdoor compressor. A single-zone system could be perfect for a garage that has been converted into a workshop, or an attic that has been converted into a bedroom. A multi-zone system is ideal for a standard second floor, with separate units for each bedroom. You can set each zone to a different temperature, oftentimes with an internet-enabled device. You can also add units later on as your family grows or as your budget allows.

3. Energy Efficient

Installing a ductless split unit from Carrier®, many of which are ENERGY STAR® certified, can save you money on your energy bill. The customization options can help you reduce your energy use even more by allowing you to keep it concentrated in the areas you choose, while keeping the thermostat higher in rooms used less frequently.

Get Comfortable in Your Home

A ductless split system is a very quiet and highly efficient way to stay cool in your upstairs bedroom this summer. You can customize the temperature in each zone and have it installed for a much lower cost than a traditional zone system, which can run up to $30,000.