Bringing Virtual Heating and Air Conditioning Diagnostics to Des Moines Homeowners

Published by Parisa Ostovari

Over the past five months, our community has had to make major adjustments. Daily routines have been turned upside down, many of us have had to adjust to working from home while taking care of children and businesses have had to adapt to new ways of meeting their customers’ needs in a safe and convenient way.

For all of the challenges this pandemic has created, it has also brought the opportunity for business owners to evaluate and change their business model to continue providing products and services to their customers in a manner that addresses evolving consumer behavior.

It has been no different for Bell Brothers and the HVAC industry.

Focusing on Technology to Provide Virtual HVAC Diagnostics

Bell Brothers embraces technology to not only improve our business processes, but also provide the best customer experience. This philosophy led us to launch Virtual Tech Connect. This new service allows homeowners in the Des Moines metro area to make virtual appointments for HVAC troubleshooting and estimating calls using Zoom or FaceTime.

Virtual Tech Connect is a great first step for a homeowner when they are not sure if they need a visit from a HVAC service tech. By scheduling a video chat, you can show an expert tech what’s going on with your AC or furnace. During the video call the service tech might be able to troubleshoot the issue without making a house call, which can help you receive the service you need without having to schedule an in-home visit.

If the problem is not something simple that the tech can talk you through fixing, your virtual tech will help you get an in-home service call set up. For in-home service calls and estimates all of our employees are practicing social distancing and wearing PPE when entering a customer’s home. In addition, all new or serviced equipment and materials are sanitized.

Virtual Tech Connect Provides Benefits to Homeowners

Requesting a virtual video chat with one of the Bell Brothers team members offers several benefits to homeowners. It’s cost-effective, convenient and safe.

  • Cost-Effective — The cost of a Virtual Tech Connect video chat is less than half the cost of our normal service fee. If you can solve the problem on your own with the tech’s guidance, you’ve saved yourself some money. If we do ultimately have to come out and make a repair, the cost of the Virtual Tech Connect call will be deducted from your in-home service fee. If your tech recommends checking into a replacement system, you’ll get connected with a sales consultant for a free estimate.
  • Convenience —You’ll need to be home to use Virtual Tech Connect, but the call window times are shorter than a service call and you can work it easily into your day. If a technician does have to come to your home, you’ll get same-day service guaranteed.
  • Safety and Stress Relief — Virtual Tech Connect is a great way to find out if the issue with your system is a safety concern or something that’s not as urgent to repair. It also lets you get assistance without an in-home visit

At Bell Brothers, we care about the health and safety of each other and our customers, and this new service is another tool that allows us to connect with our customers when they need us. Learn more about Virtual Tech Connect and schedule a virtual service or sales call.