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Is your furnace or AC acting strange? Weird noises? Random starts and stops? Won’t work at all? Try Bell Brothers’ Virtual Tech Connect to get expert heating and air conditioner diagnostics that may allow you to fix the problem yourself without paying the full, in-home service fee. Or use the service for free to get a virtual estimate on the cost to replace your system.

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A Convenient, lower-cost first step

Virtual Tech Connect is great for when you’re not sure if you need a visit from a service tech. Using your mobile device video chat capabilities (via Zoom, FaceTime or Facebook Messenger), you can show an expert tech what’s going on with your system and they may be able to troubleshoot the issue without making a house call. It’s also a way to get a free estimate on the cost to replace your system. Virtual Tech Connect is:

  • Cost-Effective — You get expert advice for just $39.95 plus tax — less than half the cost of a normal service fee. If you can solve the problem on your own with the tech’s guidance, you’ve saved yourself some money. If we do ultimately have to come out and make a repair, the cost of the Virtual Tech Connect call will be deducted from your in-home service fee. If your tech recommends checking into a replacement system, you’ll get connected with a sales consultant and there’s no charge for the call! You can also use Virtual Tech Connect to get an estimate on a new system and there’s no charge for the call!
  • Convenient — You’ll need to be home to use Virtual Tech Connect, but the call window times are shorter than a service call and you can work it easily into your day. If a technician does have to come to your home, you’ll get same-day service guaranteed. (Virtual appointments available 8 a.m. – 3 p.m., Monday – Friday with same-day service.)
  • Safety and Stress Relief — Virtual Tech Connect is a great way to find out if the issue with your system is a safety concern or something that’s not as urgent to repair. It also lets you get assistance or a system replacement estimate without an in-home visit.

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