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Virtual Tech Connect

For only $39.95 plus tax, get professional advice on what’s going on with your furnace or AC while saving more than half the regular in-home service fee. You’ll connect via video chat (Zoom, FaceTime or Facebook Messenger) with a Bell Brothers tech who can see and hear what’s going on, troubleshoot the problem and advise you on next steps.

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Virtual Tech Connect


Expert Promise — money-back guarantee

Just like your car, your furnace needs routine maintenance to run safely and at peak efficiency. With a Bell Brothers Precision Furnace Tune-up, you have our Expert Promise that your Furnace will work properly all summer or we will refund the maintenance fee. Only $94.95 plus tax.

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Expert Promise — money-back guarantee

Safety Equipment Sale


Accessory of the Month

Bell Brothers offers discounts on accessories to upgrade your heating and cooling system. It’s another way we can say thanks for trusting your home’s comfort to us. To take advantage of this season’s offer, schedule an appointment with a Bell Brothers technician. Offer starts July 1 and ends Sept. 30.

Emmerson® Sure Switch™ — Keep ants and other insects and debris from taking your air conditioner offline. This totally sealed switch also protects the compressor from brownouts and short cycling. Sale price $177.27

Surge protector: Did you know power surges are the silent killer for HVAC equipment? Don’t leave your most valuable home investment unsecured. Features unmatched surge protection ratings and a 3-year, $7,500 warranty. Sale price $193.00

Duct smoke detector: Provides early detection of smoke and products of combustion present in air moving through an HVAC duct supply, return, or both in commercial, industrial, and residential applications. These devices are designed to prevent the recirculation of smoke in areas by the air handling system’s fans and blowers. Complete systems may be shut down in the event of smoke detection. Sale price $341.10

Low level CO detector: Detects carbon monoxide levels as low as 5ppm (parts per million). Regular carbon monoxide alarms don’t detect CO until 70ppm — which can be unsafe for children, elderly, or those with respiratory or heart ailments. Sale price $171.00

Honeywell Lyric water leak and freeze detector: An early warning system that notifies you on your smartphone when a water leak is detected or the temperature in your home drops below a temperature of your choice. Helps you avoid expensive repairs and the loss of treasured items. Sale Price: $227.70


Fall Rebates

Great rebates with HVAC system purchase

Now is a great time to replace your aging air conditioner and furnace. You can buy a new Carrier® high-efficiency system and save up to $2,325 in rebates. Offer ends soon.

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Great rebates with HVAC system purchase


Referral Program

  • For every referral that results in a whole system purchase, you'll receive a FREE $100 Amazon gift card as a thank-you.
  • For every referral that results in a furnace only or air conditioner only sale, you’ll receive a FREE $50 Casey’s General Store gift card as a thank-you