Troubleshooting Commercial HVAC Issues

Published by Parisa Ostovari

man carrying hvac repair tools

No matter what kind of heating and cooling system your commercial building may have, preventive maintenance is the key to keeping it up and running. Still, all HVAC equipment will require repair at some point. Unplanned downtime can be costly. Here are the most common signs that something needs attention:

  • Odors or poor indoor air quality
  • Strange sounds
  • Inconsistent air flow — including hot or cold spots
  • Loss in efficiency
  • Higher heating or cooling bills

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If you’ve noticed any of these signs in your commercial facility, it’s probably time to call a trusted commercial HVAC contractor. Here are some of the common Commercial HVAC issues the technician will be checking for.

  • Lack of regular maintenance — Minor problems can quickly become major problems if you don’t get regular checkups on your system. Our techs can identify issues before you may even notice a difference and prevent system failures before they turn into a costly and time-consuming affair.
  • A dirty filter — This can force your HVAC system to work harder, which is not only bad for the equipment but bad for your bill. This is a simple fix that can greatly improve the indoor air quality of your building.
  • Improper thermostat settings or other thermostat issues — Don’t assume that the issue is with the actual HVAC system. Many times, it’s the thermostat. If your thermostat is malfunctioning or the settings that you’re using are incorrect for the situation, your building will experience temperature fluctuations.
  • Leaking refrigerant — This liquid is essential to cooling your building. If it leaks from the coils, your system can’t do its job. This makes your building hot and your service call more expensive.
  • Improper air balance — Parts called dampers help control the airflow in your building’s ducts. If they are not balanced properly, some areas will heat or cool more quickly.
  • A failed motor — If your motor has failed, you’ll notice most or all of the signs listed above. Obviously, you want to catch issues before it gets to this point, which brings us back to the importance of regular maintenance appointments.

Whether it’s your daily, monthly or annual budget, every dollar counts when operating a business and unplanned downtime of your HVAC system can be costly. At Bell Brothers, our primary objective is to help eliminate problems related to building operations.To learn more about our commercial HVAC services and maintenance contracts or to receive a free estimate, call 515-244-8911 or contact us online.