Importance of HVAC Maintenance: Essential Guide

Published by Parisa Ostovari

As our culture continues to shift toward a mindset of “instant gratification,” our ideas about long-term planning and major purchases have changed. Many are content to let things run through their lifespan and replace them when the time comes. But that’s not the right approach with your HVAC system.

The average cost of a new HVAC system is roughly the same as a used car, so why not give them the same treatment? Performing routine maintenance on your vehicle extends its lifespan and it will do the same for your air conditioning unit and your furnace. On top of that, it can also lower your monthly energy bill.

In this guide, I will show you the benefits of preventative maintenance, what is included, some basic do-it-yourself tips and why an HVAC maintenance program is worth the investment.

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Benefits of HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is critical to improving the lifespan of your heating and cooling system, so why would you ignore it? It’s as simple as regularly changing your air filter and having annual HVAC tuneups done.

Here are the five main benefits to having HVAC preventative maintenance performed on an annual basis:

  1. Longer lifespan

  2. Improved home safety and comfort

  3. Better air quality

  4. Lower energy costs

  5. Reliable operation

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What’s Included in Furnace Preventative Maintenance

Homeowners in Iowa typically use their furnace six months of the year. For the other six months, it sits idle. The dust and dirt accumulated during this time may prevent it from working at peak performance when it’s time to turn it back on.

Annual maintenance should be performed to extend the life of your furnace and ensure it is running safely. Maintenance performed by a trained professional should include:

  • Full cleaning of the furnace

  • Inspection of safety switches and devices

  • Check of heat exchanger for cracks or damage

  • Filter replacement

  • Calibration of temperature controls and economizer controls

  • Adjustment of fans and belts

  • Inspections of all electrical components

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Do-It-Yourself HVAC Maintenance Tips

If your system has stopped working, don’t panic. We know it’s uncomfortable when the heat stops working in winter, or when your air stops working in summer. Your instinct may be to call a professional, but there are a few troubleshooting steps you should take on your own first. These could end up being a quick solution and can save you money.

DIY Troubleshooting Tips

  • Replace your thermostat batteries

  • Review the settings on your thermostat

  • Check the circuit breaker for the HVAC unit

  • Change the filter

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Additionally, you can check out our guide to troubleshooting common air conditioner problems for tips on deciding when you can make an easy fix, or when it’s time to call a technician.

HVAC Maintenance Programs

The easiest way to keep your furnace and AC in prime condition is to sign up for an HVAC maintenance program. The money you save by extending your system’s life span and lowering the cost of your energy bills usually outweigh the investment. Plus, getting regular tuneups can reduce future HVAC maintenance costs by avoiding the need for major repairs.

But not every maintenance program is the same and you’ll want to do your research. Here are four questions you should ask as you’re weighing your options:

  1. Does this HVAC maintenance program include cleaning?

  2. What additional benefits will I receive?

  3. Does the company provide advice and recommendations?

  4. How do I know which membership level is right for me?

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Join the Comfort Club Today

At Bell Brothers, we want to provide you with the peace of mind that your HVAC system is running at optimal safety and efficiency. Not only that, we will make sure you understand your needs and help you choose an annual HVAC maintenance program that works best for you.

Bell Brothers Comfort Club offers three levels of annual maintenance service to fit your needs and budget. Each level includes:

  • Two visits per year

  • Enrollment in our loyalty program

  • A 21-point inspection

  • Thermostat battery replacement