How Indoor Air Quality Solutions Helped Advanced Family Dentistry Re-Open Their Doors During COVID

Published by Parisa Ostovari

Dr. Scott Yegge grew up on a farm in northern Iowa, but in college, he discovered a love for education and health care. That passion led him to dental school at the University of Iowa.

Scott joined Dr. Greg Brandt at Advanced Family Dentistry in 2006, excited to be part of a practice that was patient centered and family oriented. Since then, the group has grown to four dentists and eight hygienists and prides itself on safe, comfortable care for patients of all ages.

“We also do our best to stay-up on the latest technology and advancements in the field,” said Scott.

Advanced Family Dentistry in Ankeny

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Advanced Family Dentistry closed for a couple months to assess how best to proceed. Scott thought a lot about what needed to happen for the business to be able to safely re-open.

“In a dental office, you’re working in small rooms and working in people’s mouths, so air quality is obviously very important,” he said. Scott began to look at things the business could do to sanitize and purify the air, and that’s when he had a discussion with Jason Gassmann at Bell Brothers.

“They told me about the activTek INDUCT 2000, which is a UV light air scrubber that continually turns over and sanitizes both the air and the surfaces in a room,” said Scott. “Once the UV light air scrubbers were purchased, Bell Brothers had them installed within two days — the turnaround time was amazing.”

Because of the dental environment, Scott also knew they needed to mitigate aerosol, so they purchased E HEPA aerosol vacuum and air purification units. Even though Bell Brothers didn’t sell that product, we gladly helped them install the E HEPA filter system.

“Now we have what’s essentially like a hooded duct we place near the patient’s face, and the air goes through both the E HEPA filter system and the UV light air scrubbers to remove pathogens and become sanitized,” said Scott.

With both IAQ solutions in place, Advanced Family Dentistry is proud to provide a safe and sanitary environment.

“Bell Brothers was a true partner in the whole process,” said Scott. “We want our patients and employees to feel safe coming in, and I think they really do now.”

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