How to Clean Your HVAC System This Spring

Published by Parisa Ostovari

mop and broom

Spring has arrived! As the days start to get longer and the temperatures warm up, many of us will begin our spring-cleaning routine. One item we want to make sure is on your list is HVAC cleaning. Adding this to your list will help create a comfortable indoor environment this spring and summer. 

To help you get started, we are sharing our tips on how to clean your HVAC system this spring. 

HVAC cleaning tips

  • First and foremost, change your furnace filter. A dirty filter will restrict air flow into the HVAC system and decrease its efficiency. This video shares the different types of filters and how often each one needs changed.

  • Trim any vegetation near your air conditioner unit. As the temperature begins to rise, plants and bushes can restrict air flow around the air conditioner unit making it work harder to keep your house comfortable.
  • Take a look at the condenser coils inside your air conditioner. If the coils are dirty, or dirt is built-up between the coils, you should rinse them with water from a garden hose.

  • Consider adding an Air Knight air purifier to your system. This product is designed to produce cleaner air by reducing mold, bacteria and viruses. It also alleviates odors, air pollutants and smoke.

  • When it comes to HVAC cleaning, you don’t want to forget your ductwork. If you completed any renovations over the winter, your ducts might be filled with dust or debris. Or if it has been five to 10 years since your last duct cleaning, spring is a good time to have them cleaned. 

Once your HVAC cleaning list is complete, turn on your AC system to make sure everything is working properly. If something seems off, one of our service technicians can come and take a look before the summer heat and humidity arrives. 

Regular preventative maintenance on your home heating and cooling system is the best way to guarantee peak performance — and protect against potentially expensive issues down the road. You can schedule a complete inspection and HVAC cleaning by one of our trained service technicians by giving us a call at 515-244-8911 or by visiting our website.