4 reasons spring is a good time to replace your HVAC system

Published by Parisa Ostovari

You may be surprised to learn there is a “best” time of the year to replace your air conditioner or furnace. That time is spring — and here are four reasons why.

  1. Manufacturer deals
    Many homeowners rely less on their furnace and air conditioner during the spring, which means it isn’t top of mind. To remind homeowners of their HVAC needs, many manufacturers offer rebates or deals from April to June.
  2. Good weather
    Spring weather conditions make it bearable to do without heating and cooling for one day while the HVAC system is being replaced. Why go without much needed air conditioning in the summer or heating in the winter if you don’t have to?
  3. Flexible schedules
    As temperatures are usually not extreme in the spring, there are fewer emergency breakdowns and replacements. This allows HVAC companies to be more accommodating to an installation date that’s convenient for you.
  4. Cost effective
    By planning a replacement — rather than being surprised with an emergency replacement — you can save money by updating both systems the same day. It’s more cost effective to have an installation technician come to your home one time rather than two. Not only do most furnaces and air conditioners have the same life expectancy and will most likely need to be replaced around the same time, they also rely on each other. If replaced separately, some work may have to be re-done when the second system is installed.

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