Is the second floor of your home sweltering in the summer or frigid in the winter? Is your basement freezing cold in the hottest months of the year? Are your utility bills high or your furniture dusty?

If any of these ring true, your home is probably a good candidate for Aeroseal® duct sealing — a new service Bell Brothers is proud to offer.

The average home’s air duct system leaks 25% to 40% of the air that flows through it. Imagine how much more consistent and comfortable the temperatures in your house could feel after reducing that leakage. Of about 1,000 homes that have implemented Aeroseal in the Des Moines area, they’ve experienced an average of 90% reduction in that leakage.

Not only does sealing your ductwork make temperatures more comfortable throughout your home, it provides better air quality because dust, dirt and pollen are not being sucked into the ducts and pushed around your house.

before and after aeroseal

How does Aeroseal work?
Using a tool called a balometer, we take air flow measurements around your home and pinpoint the trouble areas. Then, we hook up our automated system that will push the sealant through your ducts and seal them from the inside out. Finally, we take measurements afterward so you can see the difference it makes. There is no wait time after the sealing process — you can run your heating or air conditioning immediately after the service is complete.

The entire process takes a day or less and pays for itself in five to seven years, depending on your usage. Aeorseal offers a 10-year warranty, and the product withstands age tests up to 40 years — meaning you may never have to worry about it again.

What type of home is a good candidate for Aeroseal?
In newly built homes, sealing the ducts is a no-brainer because of everything that’s stirred up during construction. Manually sealing ducts with tape at the joints is not ideal because they will be drywalled over, making it difficult to go back and do any repairs or inspection at a later date. The peace of mind you get with Aeroseal is worth it.

It’s also great for older homes because houses built before 2003 did not have codes requiring duct sealing. Homes built in the late 80s and early 90s are especially good candidates for Aeroseal, but it works in any age or type of air duct system.

Combine services to maximize results
If you’ve considered a duct cleaning service, it’s a great idea to pair the cleaning and sealing services for maximum benefit. Or, if you think you may need a new HVAC system soon, consider sealing first. It could improve air flow enough that your HVAC installer could potentially recommend a smaller system that won’t have to work as hard. Remember: your heating and cooling system can only be as efficient as your ducts.

If you’re interested in learning more about Aeroseal or other air-duct-related services we offer, give us a call at 515-244-8911 or fill out our online form.