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Close the garage door. Turn off the lights. Lock the door. Set the thermostat. These are all things you can do with the touch of a button via an app on your mobile device. Technology continues to move forward — making our homes smarter in the process. Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats are becoming a more popular choice for heating and air conditioning needs as homeowners learn the benefits and ease of use. While your toaster may not talk to you (yet), some Wi-Fi thermostats are watching and learning your every move.

If you’re not one of the 3 million people who bought a Wi-Fi thermostat in 2015, will you be one of the millions next year? To help you better answer that question, here’s a list of things you should know before purchasing a Wi-Fi thermostat.

  1. Program the temperature
    Similar to a programmable thermostat, a Wi-Fi thermostat allows you to schedule different temperatures for specific times of the day or days of the week for multiple rooms (known as zoning). Some models can actually “learn” how your house uses energy and adapts the temperature control accordingly.
  2. Access via the Internet
    You can control the thermostat via a smartphone, tablet or laptop while away from your home. This comes in handy in many situations. For example:
    • You leave town and forget to change your temperature settings.
    • You are unexpectedly returning home.
    • The weather changes drastically.
    The thermostat can also send you and your HVAC contractor an alert if your heating or cooling system stops working. This is especially convenient if you are out of town.
  3. Choose the level of control
    An important question to ask yourself is, how smart do you want your thermostat to be? Each model is different and offers varying levels of control. In addition to heating and air conditioning, some can control humidity, ventilation, fan speed and air purification.
  4. Stay on top of maintenance
    Communication with many types of Wi-Fi thermostats is not a one-way street. It informs you when the filter needs to be replaced or if there is an issue with the system. In fact, the Carrier Infinity Touch Control Thermostat will send an alert to Bell Brothers to let us know which part of your system needs attention.
  5. Check for compatibility
    Unfortunately, not every Wi-Fi thermostat is compatible with every Internet provider. Make sure the thermostat will work with your home provider. You also need to ensure the thermostat is compatible with your HVAC system. While many furnace and air conditioning brands make Wi-Fi thermostats, other brands are also available.

​It’s important to do some research before purchasing a Wi-Fi thermostat. If you’ve read this blog post, you’re off to a great start. Still have questions? Give us a call. We’d be happy to discuss which Wi-Fi thermostat would be best for your home, lifestyle and comfort needs.